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Coach P to Coach PLL's Atlas this Summer

By Highland Park Lacrosse, 03/02/23, 11:00AM CST


HP Lacrosse Head Coach Mike Pressler to Coach the PLL's Atlas

Opportunities in any profession are rare gifts. They don't come along often, but when they do they can offer unique chances to go for something big. When seized, they can become milestone achievements. Coach Pressler has been given such an opportunity, the chance to coach professionally this summer for the Professional Lacrosse League's Atlas Lacrosse Club.

To be clear, Coach Pressler is the Head Coach of Highland Park Lacrosse first and foremost. This honor in no way impacts his role as the leader of the program. His new Coaching role will be complimentary to his duties at the helm of HP as the PLL Season begins after the school year ends.

We could not be more excited for Coach Pressler to embrace this opportunity to teach the same principles to the best players in the world as he is at Highland Park.

Coach Pressler addressed the parents of his players earlier today:

HP Lacrosse Parents–

Today I have accepted the opportunity to become the new Head Coach of the Premier Lacrosse League's Atlas Lacrosse Club. Over the last few weeks, I have been transparent in my discussions with our Board President Ryan Moss and our High School Director Alex Richter about this opportunity. During these talks, both with the PLL leadership and Ryan and Alex, I have made it crystal clear that to accept this new opportunity with the PLL there would be no conflicts with my full-time job as the Head Coach of Highland Park Boys Lacrosse. 

This new position in the PLL begins Sunday, May 28th and runs through the Summer with games on weekends. The PLL's "bye week" in June aligns perfectly to allow me to coach our Highland Park Summer Tournament Team June 23rd & 24th at the  NHSLS tournament in Baltimore.

Over the last 40 years, I have had the privilege and great honor to coach at the High School Varsity and club levels, NCAA Divisions 1, 2 and 3 and our USA National team (twice). So to now be able to coach  the most talented professional players on the planet and to do so without any disruption to my commitment to HP Lacrosse is an incredible opportunity in the twilight of my coaching career. The things I will learn and experience coaching in the PLL will only enhance my role as the Head Coach of Highland Park in the future.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to state what I have said to many of you already in person.  These last seven months here in Highland Park have been an absolute joy.  Meeting and coaching your sons starting last Summer, through Fall Ball, Winter training, January Tryouts and now in the early part of our High School season has been incredible. I want to thank y’all for everything. 

Go Scots…from Bantam to Blue…and now…go Bulls!

--Coach Pressler