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Highland Park Lacrosse Champions Club


The Champions Club is a Non Profit 501 (c)3 organization and serves as the Booster Club Foundation for Highland Park Boys' Lacrosse, Inc.  Donations help to offset the operating expenses of the Club, which consists primarily of its Coaching Staff and over 700 hours of field rentals (HPISD, DISD, MoneyGram Park) for training, practices and games. Field Rental expenses alone exceed $100,000 each season. Lacrosse in the State of Texas is not recognized as a sanctioned sport by the UIL and is thereby 100% dependent upon private donations to operate. 

Highland Park Lacrosse recognizes the need to make the sport financially accessible to all. The Champions Club exists to help to bridge the gap between registration fees and the actual costs to operate.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE: As a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization, your Champions Club donation is tax deductible.

2024 Champions Club Merchandise Offerings

  • Melin Headwear A-Game Hydro Hat
  • Holderness and Bourne Jersey Knit Anderson Performance Polo
  • Holderness and Bourne  lightweight Lawson Hoodie
  • Holderness and Bourne Sullivan snap-button Pullover
  • Holderness and Bourne ballistic canvas Marsten Banker tote bag

*All Merchandise comes with Champions Club Branding, exclusive to Champions Club Members*



$300 - GROUND BALL  Exclusive Melin "A-Game Hydro" Champions Club Hat

$600 - DISTRICT CHAMPS   Ground Ball Benefits + Holderness and Bourne (H&B) Anderson Polo

$1500 - STATE CHAMPS CHAMPS  District Champs Benefits + H&B Lawson Hoodie

$3,000  COACHES CIRCLE   State Champs Benefits + H&B Sullivan Snap Button Pullover + 2 Season Passes for all HPLAX Home Games

+$5,000  PLATINUM GIFT All gifts above $5K receive full Coaches Circle Benefits + H&B Marston "Banker" Bag (Navy Ballistic with leather straps)

2023 Champions Club Members

Platinum Gift  ($30K)
Anonymous Family
Platinum Gift  ($25K)
Anonymous Family
Anonymous Family
Anonymous Family
Anonymous Family
Anonymous Family
Platinum Gift  ($15K)
Anonymous Family
Anonymous Family
Platinum Gift  ($10K)
Anonymous Family
Anonymous Family
Anonymous Family
Platinum Gift  Families
Aboussie Family
Brown Family
Brooker Family
Crown Family
Moss Family
Henry Family
McCauley Family
Miller Family
Pressler Family
Rapp Family
Sands Family
Thomason Family
Walker Foundation
Coaches Circle Families
Abel Family
Aboussie Family
Breard Family
Brown Family
Chilian Family
Gordon Family
Jackson Family
Laszewski Family
Moss Family
Mousa Family
Noble Family
Courtney Riley
Sutton Family
Sylvan Family
Vogds Family
State Champs Families
Bozman Family
Chandler Family
Grimaud Family
Iversen Family
Jones Family
Kozman Family
McCallum Family
McCutchan Family
O'Boyle Family
Owens Family
Richter Family
Scott Riley
Schultis Family
Stoller Family
Tananbaum Family
District Champs Families
Ahn Family
Arviso Family
Benbow Family
Bill Bond
Binns Family
Bond Family
Cook Family
Dulin Family
Gerstenhaber Family
Head Family
Howie Family
Scott Smith Family
Tamacas Family
Thieke Family
Wallingford Family
Whatley Family


For questions regarding the Champions Club or to inquire about larger sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to:  

Patrick Sutton
HPLAX Board of Directors